Our 4-part series explaining the college admissions process for highschool seniors. The sessions were run by our resident college counselor and cover a multitude of topics from NCAA college recruiting guidelines to understanding how to navigate the college admissions and financial aid process. Riverside Roundtable series consisting of weekly conversations with Riverside Hawk alumni and friends.


Since 2019, we have hosted the only free annual showcase in NYC for high-performing student-athletes. Our college showcase provides 80 academically qualified students with exposure to over 100 elite academic colleges and universities. This free showcase is open to students that we invite from the entire NY/NJ area, not just Riverside Hawks students. Over the years, our showcase directly helped over 40 students attend a college that the student connected with at our showcase.

Free Tutoring

All report cards are collected from each kid in the program and are analyzed to identify any students struggling in any class. Those identified as struggling, are mandated to attend free tutoring provided by the program. usually set up an hour and a half before their practice.

TACHS & SSAT Prep w/ High School Placement Support

Test prep for the 8th-grade Catholic school exam as well as the standardized test necessary for acceptance into boarding & independent schools. In 2020, 20 8th graders took part in TACH exam prep Via Zoom.

SAT/ACT Prep & Writing Classes

Free test prep for our high schoolers to improve their test scores as they apply to the colleges of their choice. The classes usually last around 8 weeks per session and they can take part in multiple sessions. This year we will be providing writing classes for College essays.

SWAG Program

We are a proud partner with Mt. Sinai to connect minority youth with opportunities in Medicine including internship programs. The program Student-Athletes with Academics Goals has led to multiple internship opportunities for kids in our program to explore their medical interest.


Class of 2021 High School Graduates