Riverside Hawks Graduation Celebration

The Riverside Hawks use basketball to provide student-athletes

in educational and leadership programming that prepares them

for high school, college and their professional lives. Educationally, we

provide test prep, tutoring for those in need, and exposing the

student-athletes to a variety of colleges & prep schools. As

tuition has risen 4%  across all academic institutions,

and with college tuition tripling over the past 30 years, we see

the opportunity to guide our kids to utilize  basketball to

receive scholarships to pay for their academic pursuits.

Who We Serve?

Since 1961, we have been providing opportunities to  the youth

of the tristate area to get to a college that is appropriate

for them.  We teach the importance of basketball and how through

the game, their lives can change by understanding the necessity of

hardwork and determination. Currently, around 60% of our

student athletes, from grades 2nd to 12th, come from the Bronx

and Harlem areas. With 50% of our student-athletes coming from

families with less than $60,000, we see the importance of

our work and support for their scholastic endeavors.

Success Scoreboard

100% – Success rate of our seniors from the program, moving on to a college.

100% –  High School Graduation Rate past 2 years

$130K In High School Scholarships + Provided in the past 2 years

Future Plans

As we continue forward, we will continue to look to improve our

academic programming by increasing our partnerships

with community programs and delivering mentorship

programs for the youth. Recent partnerships with Columbia

University has led to mentorship connections with high school

students and Columbia School of Social Work interns as

well as the You Can Mentor Too organization, in which black,

brown, and Latinx undergraduate students provide conversations

with our middle school students. As we look to expand these

programs, we also are interested in expanding our college

preparatory program by taking our students to more colleges

than just the ones in the New York area to provide a more holistic

view of the college process and the opportunities available.