Codes of Conduct

Player / Parent Code of Conduct

  1. PRIVILEGE NOT RIGHT. As a member of The Riverside Hawks Program, each player understands that participation is a privilege and not a right. As part of earning that privilege, and in order to maintain it, more is expected of each player than perhaps of players in other programs. Each player agrees to assume the responsibilities set forth in this contract and each parent agrees to support its intent. Riverside Coaches reserve the right to revoke the privilege of any player to be a member of the Riverside Hawks program if the player and parents do not consistently exhibit appropriate conduct or otherwise fails to meet the obligations set forth in this Agreement.
  2. PLAYER CONDUCT. As a member of The Riverside Hawks Program, each player represents and serves as a reflection of this storied program, its coaches, its teams, its families and its community. Furthermore, each player agrees to conduct themselves responsibly both on and off the court, to display sportsmanship on the court and to demonstrate concern for the rights, safety and welfare of others off the court. All Riverside Hawks players agree to treat their coaches, teammates, competitors and referees with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Behavior that shows disrespect toward other players, coaches, and referees, or demonstrates lack of self-control including the use of profanity, bullying or physical force will be subject to swift and appropriate discipline. The coaches will determine appropriate disciplinary actions according to each situation.
  3. CLASSWORK ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Each player is expected to strive for academic excellence. A player’s class work and performance in school take precedence over sports. All players are expected to perform well academically and to complete their homework in a timely manner so as not to impair their ability to be committed to their team. Should a player be unable to attend practice to complete academic responsibilities, a parent should communicate this immediately and directly to the coaching staff. Academics always take priority, so it is not acceptable to repeatedly miss practice due to a consistent non-performance in school. Should a player be unable to perform at an acceptable level academically the player must seek help from his Coach or other member of Riverside Hawks staff and work with Riverside and, as appropriate, attend tutoring and/or academic enrichment sessions until such time as the academic performance improves to a level consistent with our expectations. How to handle poor academic performance is a parental decision; however, the Riverside Hawks program assumes that each player will do all that is possible to achieve academic excellence while still being present for all practices and games. Repeated absences and poor academic performance could result in diminished playing time and potential dismissal at the discretion of the coach.
  4. ATTENDANCE. Attendance at each practice and all games is mandatory. Players should arrive one half hour prior to scheduled game times unless otherwise instructed by the coaching staff and all players should be on time for practices. If a player is unable to attend a practice or game due to illness, vacation, family emergency or a school or religious obligation, then it is the player’s and/or parent’s responsibility to notify the coaching staff in advance citing the reason for an absence. The coaching staff will determine implications of absences as it relates to playing time.
  5. PLAYING TIME/ROLE. The amount of playing time and the role each child plays on the team will be determined at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. It is imperative that all parents and players understand that the Riverside Hawks teams are very competitive and no player is guaranteed playing time or certain roles on any team (i.e. starter, etc.). The coaching staff will make decisions regarding “playing time” based on the game situation, match-ups, each player’s skills, abilities, attitudes and overall ability to help the team in certain situations.
  6. FEES. The program is a 501c3 not for profit organization. All fess are used to support the program’s academic and athletic activities and the collection of fees are critical to maintaining its operations. Unfortunately lack of payment of fees forfeits your child’s place on the team unless you immediately discuss payment plans with your coach or program administration.
  7. COMMITMENT. Being a member of The Riverside Hawks Program requires a significant commitment due to the amount of games and practices conducted each season. The commitment entails that Riverside Hawks basketball comes before any other sports or teams; choosing to put other teams or sports ahead of the commitment to Riverside can result in diminished playing time or outright dismissal from their team.
  8. DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Any tardiness or unexcused absences for practice or games will be addressed at the discretion of the coaching staff. Repeated unexcused tardiness will result in treatment as an unexcused absence. The first unexcused absence may result in diminished playing time. The second unexcused absence may result in the player being benched for the following game. Three or more unexcused absences may result in a suspension from the team.
  9. RESPECT THE GAME AND THE CHILDREN WHO PLAY IT (INCLUDING TEAMMATES AND OPPONENTS). This means ensuring that your child attends and comes prepared for all practices and games, and treats teammates and opponents with dignity and respect. Good sportsmanship means playing fair and safe, controlling negative emotions, and keeping the spirit of competition a healthy endeavor.
  10. RESPECT THE OFFICIALS. Keep in mind that officials (a.k.a. referees, scorekeepers, organizers, etc.) are an important part of the sport of basketball and add to the overall experience for your child. It is important that you distinguish between bad calls (human error) and wrong calls (when an official doesn’t know the rule). In either case, it is important that you respect all officials and develop tolerance skills for when bad calls are made (which will happen – officials are human and like all of us, will occasionally make a mistake!). A failure to do so will reflect poorly on your child and our organization and will not be tolerated by the coaching staff and the program.
  11. PARENT’S CONDUCT. There is never a place in youth sports to use vulgarities, threats, intimidation, or use of physical aggression. Youth sports provide a great opportunity for children to compete and build their characters. As children, they need constant positive fan support and encouragement. Booing and other negative gestures and language from the sidelines are never appropriate (whether it is aimed at your own child or someone else’s), so be sure to stay focused on positively supporting the children at all times.
  12. LET THE COACHING STAFF COACH – PRACTICE AND GAMES. While it may be easy to second-guess your child’s coach from the sidelines, please do not overlook how challenging it is for coaches to be sure that all of the players have an opportunity to develop and the team is given the best possible chance to win. While coaches are conducting practice or coaching in games please refrain from coaching your child, it will not be beneficial for your child and the coaching staff will not tolerate it. Failure to comply may lead to a parent or parents no longer being permitted to observe practice sessions.
  13. 48 HOUR RULE. If a parent has a complaint to log with the coaches regarding any particular games, they must wait at least 48 hours following the end of a game before voicing their displeasure at the coaches. Furthermore, comments directed to the coaches during games (time-outs, halftime, etc.) will also not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and the coaching staff will listen to and address each parent’s opinion provided they abide by this and all other rules discussed in this Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns please also feel free to contact Tony Hargraves or Danny Colon (can be reached at the Riverside Hawks office at 212-870-6811).
  14. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS. Any violations in the above mentioned rules will result in reduced playing time or an outright dismissal from the team.

Releases / Social Media Code of Conduct

In consideration of my child’s acceptance into and/or continued participation in The Riverside Hawks Program, I, undersigned, together with my heirs, executors, and administrators waive and release any and all rights and claims or causes of action for damages which I may have or hereafter have against The Riverside Hawks Program or The Riverside Church, or their trustees, officers, employees, coaches and representatives for any and all injuries of whatever nature, physical or otherwise suffered by my child resulting from any participation in the program, including games, practices, camps, clinics and travel.

I hereby also agree to indemnify, defend and save harmless The Riverside Hawks Program or The Riverside Church, or their trustees, officers, employees, coaches and representatives from any liability, damage, expense, cause of action, suits, claims or judgments arising from injury to person or property or otherwise which arises out of the act, failure to act or negligence in connection with the participation in the activities and programs which are subject of this Release.
If required, I hereby authorize the coaches, representatives to provide and authorize emergency medical treatment to the extent deemed appropriate by licensed medical persons, without risk of liability, and to execute any required releases on the undersigned’s behalf.

I attest that my child is physically fit to participate in these activities. I am hereby being advised that The Riverside Hawks Program and The Riverside Church have no medical insurance for my or my child’s behalf. Medical insurance is the responsibility of the child and his/her family. Additional Consent for Tournament Play/Travel: Consent is hereby given by the undersigned for the participation in the applicable basketball tournaments. If applicable, the child may be provided with transportation and hotel room. Expenses, including travel to and from the church and incidental expenses, are the responsibility of the child. In addition, I agree to be fully responsible for any damage that the child may cause while at or traveling to and from the tournament, game, activity.


I authorize The Riverside Hawks Program and The Riverside Church, to publish the photographs and/or videos taken of the minor(s) named within my registration(s) and to use their names in your printed publications, websites and social media channels. I acknowledge that since their participation in any publications and websites is voluntary, I also agree not to make any claim for compensation for the use of their’ image and/or words. I agree to release you from liability for any claims by or them arising out of the foregoing. I have read this form and voluntarily accept the terms and conditions set forth herein.

This Social Media Code of Conduct refers to all digital social media forums including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Parents/Guardians, children/players and other members of a players family must refrain from any:

  • Unauthorized posting of personal information (names, address, phone number, email etc.) of other users, players, parents.
  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene, bullying or indecent language or images.
  • Material which is meant to embarrass or humiliate another person.
  • Material that defames, slanders, abuses or threatens others.
  • Statements, that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  • Flaming; Verbal or written abuse, making negative comments or complaining about a coach, director, official, player, parent or any other person involved in any way with Riverside Hawks.
  • Posts or other material which are deemed inappropriate by Riverside Hawks or its Members, Coaches, Players, Parents, Spectators, Board Members.

Any violation of the above Social Media Code of Conduct will result in an immediate suspension from all Riverside Hawks events including practices, games, clinics and other events until further notice.