Summer Leadership Camp

The emphasis of the classes will be enhancing & sustaining their reading with material that is relevant and important to the students – primarily material related to social justice, situations in their community and sports.

USA Certified Coaches will have scrimmages, skill drills, and different skills events at the end of weeks for the campers to showcase the skills that they learned during the week.

The campers will have 2-3 excursions off-site for visits to cultural institutions, such as the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, as well as give tours of NYC colleges like Columbia and Fordham.

Community Need

Summer Leadership Camp is to operate a well serving program to the community in which we house and provide them with a safe haven for them to be for at least a portion of their day – an escape from what could be a stressful environment. The issue of the “summer learning loss” is a prevalent among student, especially middle school students, with an average loss of one month of learning lost. Studies have shown that their is a significant loss among students lower-income students in reading.

Community Impact

The purpose of this community program is to continue to provide outlets for those in our community and give them the opportunity to receive the necessary resources for personal growth of the campers through the cultivation cultural, academic and athletic growth experiences.